Sunday, 16 November 2008


A few months ago, my brother unearthed a batch of photographic slides he took at a David Bowie concert in the Caird Hall on 17th May 1973.
It wasn't a gig I was at but I do remember a few Craigie High schoolmates went to it.
This was a period when Bowie haircuts were very popular in school at the time too!
I did make up for missing out on this event a few years later, going to his 1978 gig at the Glasgow Apollo.
Anyway, the above colour images are the very ones from Bowie's '73 Dundee appearance, with quite a variety of costume changes during the concert as well, as you can see!
His backing band on stage were of course "The Spiders from Mars" and featured Mick Ronson on guitar, Trevor Bolder on bass and Mick Woodmansey on drums.

Click onto the photos to bring up the enlarged versions.


  1. I was at this gig, I was 13 and it completely changed my life! honest- it was absolutely brilliant, even the audience looked great- from all the Bowie lookalikes to the skinheads with silver doc martins. I remember rushing down to Boots the following morning and buying Aladin Sane- though I ditched the lyrics- fearing my mum would freak if she read "time, falls wanking to the floor"- could'nt imagine my kids being worried about stuff like that- how times change- JIH

  2. I remember my mum's friend reporting in shocked tones that she'd seen Bowie going into the Angus Hotel.

    " and he had ... MAUVE hair!".

    I had no ide what 'mauve' was.

  3. Amazing, Bowie at his best.

  4. I wasn't at this gig but i knew a few college friends who were.I do remember seeing Bowie coming out of the Angus Hotel in full Ziggy Stardust get-up.I thought his hair was red but maybe it was mauve.Parked outside was his tour bus,probably the first time a Winnebago had been seen in Dundee.It was white and a bit dirty.Some local gadgie had written Lochee Fleet in the dust.

  5. I was at this gig - brilliant..he had bright
    red hair if I remember correctly. Got a few pics somewhere. I was a bit of a Bowie freak at the time - had gold platform knee high boots - which didn't go down well in Reform Street on a Saturday afternoon (strange looks...) - had to dye them navy.

  6. I remember being somewhat annoyed that the preshow music was time steps from the clockwork orange soundtrack and it was almost inaudible due to the audience shouts!