Monday, 24 November 2008


This is an NME review of Paul Haig's gig at Fat Sams - the gig taken place on 10th August 1986.
I was at this one, me already being familiar with Paul live, having seen him play with Josef K in Edinburgh a few years before.
I can't recall too much from the Fatties set list other than he did perform all my favourite tracks from "The warp of pure fun" album (which I've still got on vinyl).
Staying on the fun theme...although this was a Paul Haig gig and NOT a Haig/Mackenzie gig, needless to say Billy Mackenzie did make an appearance and sang a couple of tunes. In between tracks, Billy pointed to Pauls fluffy cropped hairstyle and commented "He's got a head like a squeaky ba'" then pretended to squeeze it. Pure fun...and a good night had by all.
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  1. I was there too but all I can remember about it was Big Blue World and the smell of the dry ice!

  2. The reviewer was from Dundee, Bob Flynn, he was like a god to local bands in the 80's, If you spoke to him or seen him at your gig you hoped that you'd be in the following weeks music press.

  3. I was definately there and have at least one intact photo of Paul Haig from that night. Joy xxx
    p.s. I was seriously underage at the time!!! Joy Melville Watson

  4. I was there and stole a poster, just listed it on ebay 23-6-19 if you love your memorabilia! I thoroughly enjoyed this gig with the BM guest slot, and am sure I saw PH soon after in Greenock? Maybe the memories are blurry on that one.