Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Goldberg was a clothing shop the size of a department store and was to be found at 11 Murraygate, near the corner of Commercial Street where John Menzies were.
It was quite short-lived at this spot really, just there during the early 70's to mid 70's period.
Unlike other department stores, it didn't just sell standard everyday style clothes, it was actually surprisingly fashionable gear they had. The gents/boys dept was upstairs and items I can remember getting from here for example were a yellow & white paisley pattern shirt, psychedelic kipper tie and 2-tone trousers!
Still being at school however, meant I was only allowed to wear this kind of groovy stuff at weekends!
The ad from '72 says Goldbergs with an "S" but the shop front says Goldberg without the "S" - so take your pick! 


  1. I think Goldbergs was situated roughly where Burtons/ Dorothy Perkins sits now. It re-emerged in the Wellgate when it first opened around 1977 but didn't last too long there either but yes, it was a pretty cool shop...well for a 12 year old anyway!

  2. For a while Goldbergs gave free cups of coffee to shoppers. Being only about 13 at the time, and definitley not a shopper they soon clamped down on this. The trick then was to sidle up to a lone shopper and then follow them away from the servery. Got away with for it ages.