Thursday, 6 November 2008


Falling & Laughing was a local fanzine that cropped up on the scene in 1983.
It's main material was alternative music but they also touched on subjects like TV, theatre and so on.
Their HQ and editorial address was located in Strathmartine Road.
The example on display here is issue 5 which came out in June/July 1984.
The content includes new record release reviews, fanzine reviews, cassette reviews, TV review, live gigs, adverts and amusing graphics.
There is also a Manchester theme throughout which not only gives the lowdown on the Manchester scene but also has interviews with such Manchester acts as The Fall, Morrissey and Mark Riley.
Other acts from around the UK that are given either an overview or interview are Orson Family, Red Guitars, Prefab Sprout, Del Amitri and Implied Consent.
As regards the Dundee centred items, the page I've put up on view is a review of 2 local acts, namely Aaga and Altres, who brought out their own product on cassette (Whatalife and Rise) and both received a Falling & Laughing thumbs up!
Click on the cassettes page to read the large version.

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