Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This was a gig organised by Dundee's Dance Factory, who used a variety of venues around town when presenting gigs before they eventually settled at Fat Sam's.
This one featuring the Eurythmics took place at the Barracuda in the Marketgait on 27th February 1983, a while before Fat Sam's opened.
Although I was at this one, I was too boozed up to remember much about it now. All I can recall is, because the venue was a disco, there was no stage for live acts to perform so the band were just tucked away at the side of the dancefloor. I can also remember Annie in her grey suit and cropped orange hair doing her robotic dance moves which was a bit of a fad at the time with clubbers!
The band line up: Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Clem Bourke (ex Blondie), Mickey Gallagher (ex Clash & Blockheads) and Eddy Reader doing backing vocals.
Click on the image to enlarge and read the other bits & pieces on the flyer.


  1. I'm stunned to see this poster after all these years. I cant believe it was so DIY. I'm sure Stuart Clumpas must have drawn it himself so he could save a bob or two. I'm sure this was the gig at which just before the end Dave Stewart took ill and had to go to A&E where it transpired he had suffered a collapsed lung.

  2. i spoke to annie lennox at teh concert and got her a cup of tea !!! ~(what she wanted) from the bar..