Saturday, 15 November 2008


Every kid in the 60's when first starting primary, wore a SATCHEL (A). This was the standard school bag starter for infants. It had a small window frame where we would place our name into.
Next was the DUFFLE BAG (B). A more casual bag. This was a popular choice with us kids because as we were getting more sporty, these bags were ideal for keeping your swimming gear and sannies in. They had a drawstring design for quick access.
As we progressed, around longers wearing age, it was time to carry the HAVERSACK (C). A rougher canvas bag that most of the seniors used. It was pretty handy for fighting too I seem to remember. A wallop on the head really hurt!
By the end of the 60's a new design hit the scene, the SPORTS BAG (D). These were colourful, trendy and had zips. They became even more popular in the 70's when they designed the bag in football team colours with club badges printed on the side of them.