Sunday, 9 November 2008


Popular in the 70's were the "educational trips" on board the ship, Uganda. I wasn't on any myself mind you, but I do recall some Cragie High schoolmates ventured on trips in the early 70's to places like Gibraltar and Malta. These voyages were on offer to most UK schools, Dundee being just one of the stop-off points of departure.
Here below is a short film clip of the Uganda berthed at Dundee in 1973/74 dropping off some local lassies at the end of a Scandinavian tour. You may even recognise someone you know!

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  1. Magic! I was on the Uganda to Spain and Gibraltar in 71? and again a couple of years later (?) to the Baltic where we cadged beer in Polish bars in Gdansk and sold our pounds on the black market for a lot more zlotys than the official rate! Happy days.