Thursday, 6 November 2008


Argent came to town in 1974 and played a show at the Caird Hall on 28th November.
I was at this gig and the audience were treated to an evening of rock in the main, with a smattering of pop along the way.
The pop aspect was mostly down to the fact they had a couple of well known hits in the charts, with "Hold Your Head Up" being their biggest success.
So there I was, sitting very near the front, eager to see (after having viewed it many times on tv and in magazines) Russ Ballard's perforated guitar. You may recall his Stratocaster had a design that was full of holes in the main body of the guitar.
When the band arrived on stage, however, there was no sign of Russ. I didn't realise that he had left Argent before this tour had started and was replaced with another guitarist, so no guitar with orifices!
It was a fine concert they put on nonetheless, with Clancy being the support act on the night.
The ad above is from a 1974 NME and has the tour dates on it.

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