Saturday, 4 June 2011


2 old bakers items for price of 1 on this photo.
First is the main part of the image, the Rough & Fraser shop, which, as you will all have spotted by now, was at the tap o' the hull.
I've figured this to be 323 Hilltown to be precise.
I reckon the photo would have been taken around the 1963-65 period because my 1966 directory has the premises as being a hairdresser by then, as do my early 70's directories.
Also, that date fits in with the car parked outside it which I think is either a Hillman Imp or Singer Chamois, both models springing up on the scene around 1963-65.
The other bakers item in shot is the Bilsland's Bread van driving past on the left.


  1. Moving away from bacon rolls...!

    I just realised that normally we look at Dundee street scenes from the sixties and say, 'This has gone and that has been pulled down and everything has totally changed,' but almost every building in this view is still standing. It's a valuable surviving fragment of 'Old Dundee'.

  2. What was the shop on the corner next to Roughies? I walked past there today and noticed the windows about looked a little art deco. Then i looked across the street at bottom of Kinghorne Rd and same style of building / windows above a take away. Am sure theere is a social club above. Boilermakers?

  3. I'm looking at the Pastmap website and my trusty collection of Dundee Directories. The building on the corner of Main Street was built c.1930 as the Commercial Bank of Scotland. After the war it closed as a bank and became a shop, eventually Keiller's bakery and latterly Andrew G Kidd - so that's actually three bakers for the price of one!

    The building on the corner of Kinghorne Road was by a different architect and dates from 1934. It is Category B listed. Don't know about the boilermakers' club though.

  4. hi roughies is damij