Friday, 10 June 2011


A moody dusky evening shot looking over the rooftops at the base of the Law.
This was taken around the early/mid 70's, and snapped just at the moment of lighting-up time.
You can see the top section of Kinpurnie Place in the foreground, in the middle distance is St John's school and in the background are the Ardler multis.
The Law Hill area was like a 2nd playground to me when I was a wee schoolboy because my grandparents lived in Byron Street, so when the adults wanted to have a blether, me and my brothers would nip out to play for a while, with the Law being like an extension to their backies!
I also remember mucking about at the Kinpurnie swings because they had a Witches Hat there, something we didn't have at home at the Craigie swings, so that would be the first thing I'd make a beeline for!
If you want to see if you can spot anything else, click onto it to enlarge.


  1. Did you ever find the wee pillbox with a similar view? As a kid we used to try to get in it, but it was full of sh**e. Wonder what the need for that was facing that way? I also remember when it was a landfill site, full of rubbish and old cookers etc, quite an eyesore.Looks great now though but for a few years it was literaly a tip :)

  2. My grandparents lived in Kenmore Terrace. Is this shot looking down that way?
    I remember the park with the Witches Hat. The parkie's name was Donald. Wee short fat guy in a uniformand peaked cap. Had a tiny garden hut with a stove.
    I also remember rows of garages going dowwn the hill towards the park.

  3. Yes, Kenmore Tce joins on to Kinpurnie Pl so some of their roofs are in shot.
    I also have a vague memory of that pillbox, hidden away off the beaten track. Could it be a wartime relic? Not sure.
    What I can remember as clear as a bell though were the skylarks. Used to be great watching them hovering in the sky while warbling away for ages. Are they still to be found there, or has all that unnatural tree planting scared them away?

  4. Yeah, it was a wartime pillbox like you would see anywhere else, but why on the Law? and if anything you might think it would be facing South where there was more chance of an attack, unless it was watching the Sidlaw communications etc.As for the Skylarks, they are gone now, but you can still see hundreds of birds swarming over the buildings at the bottom of Victoria Road, across from the Wellgate Centre, not sure they are Skylarks though. :)

  5. Donald if I remeber didn't really like kids.....he was justthere to lock the swings up...there were lots of wee parks like that all over the town. The pillarbox is still there, but although the landfill site is gone, The Law is a mess now compared to then

  6. Lots of new townhouses built here now, at around £200k a pop!
    Kids playpark is still there.
    I live on the opposite side of the Law hill and go up every day with my wee dug.
    We take it for granted,the view from the top, dont we?

  7. You can see a house in the foreground that has the TV on.
    It would be amusing to think that it's the episode of Tomorrow's World where they said "Many decades into the future, everyone on the planet will have computers in their homes that will allow them to travel back in time and peer through your window to see this edition of Tomorrow's World!"
    (You may need a degree in Quantum Physics to understand that one!)

  8. the pill box on the law was a great wee place to play in and shelter from the rain, (before it was contaminated by arseholes) and it has a sister pill box facing North on the top of the WASPS studios, I think they were anti aircraft-gun positions in case of a sneak attack by the Luftwaffe, or loons fae farfar in balloons.

  9. To this day i still look for all 6 Ardler Multis and when i see the empty sky i think that somethings not right! Be worse next month when Alexander St is confined to history!