Tuesday, 21 June 2011


John Menzies moved away from their own well known position on the Murraygate/Commercial Street corner and took over Woolies prime spot further along the Murraygate in 1983, as above.
This shot of the activity outside it's main entrance, along with a few other nearby shops, was taken on 6th February 1987.
I do remember the guy in the picture across from John Menzies though, busking away on the accordion in his scruffy flannels and the wee money pouch attached to his squeeze-box.
As usual, if you want to have a closer look, just click onto the image to enlarge.

Photo by Neale Elder.

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  1. The JM logo was indeed orange and white, which jarred with the blue background a little, methinks! Not all John Menzies stores adopted this scheme though - I think the sign on the one in Edinburgh (as shown in the opening scene of Trainspotting) was white text on a grey background, but I'm not so sure. Sadly missed, though!