Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Here is an ad from 1973 for Andrew G Kidd's Sunblest.


  1. Did Dundee FC's Joe Gilroy not perform a cheesy overhead kick in a Sunblest TV advert?

  2. Bilsland Bread was Jo-Jo's employer.
    'Bilsland Bread beats ordinary bread' was the opening line of the jingle.
    You can still see their Glasgow premises from the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, their name picked out atop a red brick building.
    Joe G sometimes played in baseball boots instead of regular footwear and after his last game for DFC against Motherwell (4-0 to Dundee), he emigrated to South Africa.
    There you go!

  3. There was another TV ad for bread that Dundee has a link to, albeit a rather tenuous one.
    The tune used in the mid 70's ad for Nimble bread was "I Can't Let Maggie Go" and was by The Honeybus, which was originally a hit in 1968.
    Oor own Jim Kelly joined The Honeybus just after the hit single, and although he wasn't on the original recording, he would have performed it during his time in the band, way before Nimble nabbed it.
    If my memory is correct, the ad featured a hot air balloon, which was supposed to depict how light the bread was!

  4. Yeah your correct there Retro, "she flies like a bird in the sky,------ and i wish that she was mines" was close to the lyrics. Cue "Maggie " in a bonny frock in the balloon heading into the distance at great height.As opposed to her having a slice oh "Dundee cake" where as the bloody basket would still be rooted to the deck :)

  5. What qualifications do you need to be a baker?
    A bakers dozen is 13.
    A butter biscuit is a roll.
    And a fig roll is a biscuit!