Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I haven't mentioned much about Dundee's golf scene on Retro, so because I have some bits & pieces, not much, I'm gonna post them up over the next few days.
Starting with this ad from 1971 for David Low who were presenting themselves as golf specialists at the time. Although they stocked other sports items in their shop in Commercial Street, they did devote an entire floor to golfing equipment, a photo of which you can see in the December 2008 Archive.
David Low also used to have a shop in the Seagate on the corner of Gellatly Street but that one closed down in the early 70's allowing them to concentrate their efforts on this branch here.


  1. If I recall correctly, there was a David Low outlet on the Strathmartine Road "shared" as part of another shop. It was only a wee outlet selling mainly football kits etc....

  2. The ad also mentions a shop at Links Avenue in Carnoustie (which was diagonally across from the Scouts building - it's no longer there, as it was knocked down and replaced with a couple of new houses).

    I remember going there with my mum some time in the mid-1980s to get a new, but bog standard Adidas, tracksuit - as we went to pay for it, the guy behind the counter rung up the till for £24.25, a tidy amount for a tracksuit in those days (and the reason I can remember the exact price 25 years on). I think maw just about fell on the floor. They weren't exactly cheap - I think you could get them in Asda for about a fiver!