Sunday, 5 June 2011


2 ads for Cuthbert's Sunshine Bakery in Ure Street.
Top one is 1973, the one below it 1974.
Those of you who know your 70's TV catch phrases will recognise the "Ooh you are awful" one.
It's from the Dick Emery Show - vox pop with double entendres.
Where's Hawkill?


  1. Jim (ex-employee)8 June 2011 at 02:54

    Don't know where Hawkhill went, but the bakery premises were still in Ure Street, now occupied by an engineering company, though the old flour silo still stands near the gate.

    Cuthberts were bought over by a national company and the staff offered moves to Livingston, c. 1978. Graeme Cuthbert opened another bakery in Dundee, but not under the family name.

  2. My dad used to work for Cuthberts, maintaining their vans and Graeme's Van Diemen Formula Ford car - there's a photo of him sitting beside it on the grid at Ingleston, taken a week or so before I was born ;-)

    I remember visiting Agra Engineering which is I believe on the site of the old bakery in about the early 80s with him.

    1. I used to work at cuthberts maintaining their vans in the mid seventies. Worked with a ex army mechanic called Brian? Then I left and went to Sunblest.

  3. I'm assuming the 'Where's Hawkhill' question is ironic? I worked at Cuthberts in 1974 on Saturday nights making the rolls and packing rpounds of shortbread. the family were still heavily involved with Graeme (in his 20's or 30's) living near the Harris and actively involved in racing, his dad regularly running the bakery and even an old 'auntie' selling hot mince rolls in the attached shop that was open all hours. They kept the mince hot in a saucepan placed under the ovens that we baked the rolls in!

    1. No no no - my question wasn't ironic.
      If you look closer at the bottom ad, they've spelt it HAWKILL - with no H.