Sunday, 19 June 2011


In the days before computer based special FX, we used what was termed "trick photography" to create a bit of magic in a photo.
This picture here is one I volunteered my services for back in 1970 when I was 12, and was taken by my brother who was also school age.
The trick was to keep the camera facing dead centre while I moved into different positions. The shutter was kept open all the time and it was the separately held camera flash that caught my image. So it was right position - flash, middle position - flash and left position - flash, then close the shutter. All 3 positions captured on one photo.
One quirky thing about the end result is that I have my eyes closed on the right, half opened in the middle and wide open on the left, but neither of us can remember if we planned it out like that or if it was just a fluke.
It makes it look like I've been cloned then beamed down from Starship Enterprise's transporter!
Anyway, not sure if our wee experiment could be categorised as time-lapse photography, but it's not a bad effort for a couple of school kids mucking about in the backies!


  1. Good fringe there!

  2. That impressive piece of precision engineering on my hair would have been the work of Quickies in Exchange Street.
    Period look-a-likes would be - Spock on the right, Keith Moon on the left and Touche Turtle in the middle!