Tuesday, 7 June 2011


"Oh great, a windee seat"... now we get to look down from Littlewoods cafe and see what's going on outside.
Well when the top photo was taken around the mid 80's, there was a group of punkettes gathered at one of the benches. You can't make out their faces but you can see their hairstyles. A couple of the lassies have the peroxide look (one a Mohican) and another has a full head of green hair that resembles Hilary a bit, not sure if it is her though.
The other photo outside Littlewoods taken on the same day has a different flock of females on display - these ones dressed smart but casual.
Bird spotting courtesy of The Bear.


  1. Excellent! I remember the Littlewoods cafe well, as I used to go there all the time with my maw and my grandparents.

    Getting a windae seat was a major boost, not only because you could "people watch", but you had a great view of the dumbwaiter which ran along the centre of the cafe, which me and my wee brother thought was the ultimate appliance of science when we were kids.

    We also used to call the Littlewoods cafe "the green cafe", due to the colour of the interior decor, as there was another cafe at the back of Boots we called "the orange cafe" which had a primarily orange interior!

    Ah, memories...

  2. Two of the punkettes are Shirley Jones and Carol (Cannae remember her surname). I'm sure they were from Douglas originally

  3. the girl with the bag and red hair looks like Hilary, who drew for deadbeat, with her fork and knive earings?

  4. I'm sure the blonde mohican is Sharon Blythe or Jenny Stewart. Too grainy to make out for sure.

  5. The mohawk is wee Jenny and Sharon is to her right, and its not Hilary (forks) I think Richie Rickets is standing behind the bench where the punkettes are seated ( top pic')

  6. think one of the punk girls is me Christine and it is carol Smith and i would say from kirkton