Saturday, 18 June 2011


You can tell by the shirt hingin' oot from under the extra large homemade jersey, that I had just been running around playing before stopping off for a wee cold treat to cool myself down.
This is me in August 1963, aged 5, in my last moments of freedom before being dragged off to school for the first time shortly afterwards.
However, if I can draw your attention to the barkit knees, if you haven't already spotted them, then here we have ample evidence that before my ice lolly break, I'd probably been muckin' aboot playing futba aroond the backies or clambering around the garden trying to catch bees in a jar filled with clover!
Forget designer grunge and shabby chic, this is the real thing, maaan!
I didn't think it was fair to have my brother be put on display for this public humiliation, so I've cropped him out, although I've cunningly kept his Johnny X'rs in shot!


  1. I bet those in the know would say "you hivnae changed a bit"

  2. I bet that jumper fitted your bro perfectly before it was handed down to you, 3 inch turn up cuffs, dead give away :) unless your aunty canna measure ! :)

  3. The monster jersey was meh mither's handy work.
    I can still remember me standing in the living room with her tape measure around my chest, and along my arm length, but god knows what she did with her notes, it seems she just binned them and made it up as she went along!
    "Ach yi'll grow into it" was the shoddy excuse parents invented as they foist ill fitting gear upon bairns!

  4. Yeah maybe in first year at Craigie high :)

  5. Along with the usual games of footy in the back greenie - 2 touch, shootie in, headers, we also indulged in a more specialised one - futba on stilts!
    That was hilarious.
    Took a bit of practise but once you got the hang of it you were able to bomb along at quite a speed because of the extra stride length, like an ostrich!
    Dribbling on stilts, shooting on stilts, but no goalie on stilts!
    The added bonus was when you tripped somebody up, they had all the further to fall!!

  6. Wullie fae Dundee19 June 2011 at 05:21

    Izzat a fab lolly or a zoom?

  7. It's the wrong shape for a Zoom but I could be half way through a Fab though.