Sunday, 19 December 2010


Time to shut shop at Retro Dundee for a bit of festive fun.
The door will be locked but you can continue to have a nosey at the window display.
Once again, it's been another thoroughly enjoyable dabble into the past.
Thanks too to those of you who took time to dip into your own treasures to share on Retro. It's amazing what you find when ye hae a wee rake!
Although I wont be posting any new material for 2 or 3 weeks, I'll be keeping an eye on the comments and the Retro Dundee email IN-box.
If anyone wants to contact me, or send any goodies for inclusion next year, the contact address is along the bottom of the groovy graphic.
Now that I've turned over the door sign to show the "CLOSED" side, I'll away and call for my horse & carriage to take me back to my castle.
I've got a smashing log fire burning, warming up my baffies on the hearth.
So as soon as I get home, I'll prise the lid off a tin of Creamola Foam, burst through the paper seal, stir some magic strawberry crystals into my tumbler and drink to your health.
A very Merry Christmas to one and all, and may you still be able to scoff the entire contents of your selection box, all in one day!


  1. and a merry christms to you too x

    lesley g.

  2. Have a great Christmas and New Year

  3. Have a great Christmas and A Happy New year

  4. Thanks for another year of daily interest, your collection is astounding and never ceases to amaze.
    Merry Christmas GG, and to everyone.

  5. Merry Christmas GG and a fabulous 2011 from all at Bridie Towers xxx

  6. Happy Hogmanay when it comes!! I was a student for a year in Dundee in 1970 - 1971, teacher training, and enjoy your posts on Dundee. I was up there in September and enjoyed the time although soooo much had changed. I was leading a 'City Safari' to Dundee and Perth where we roam around on foot and public transport and were tourists in Lochee! - where some of my husband's Whamond relatives hailed from.

    Best wishes


  7. Looking forward to more Retro goodies in 2011. Have a great, well earned break GG.

  8. Have a good Christmas, I look forward to seeing what you pull from the archives in the New Year!

  9. Another year almost over the're no half fleein past, at least we've been well entertained by your not inconsiderable talent and efforts and those of you affectionados long may they continue. Let me just wipe a tear from my eye as I wish yous lot oot there a good and prosperous new year, cheers.

  10. Put your glesses doon on the table, get your baffies on, get those tired legs on the pouffe, switch the telly on.

    Mince pies, wee sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, cocktail sticks wi' pineapple chucks, cheese and a pickled onion (silverskin, mind) and a glass o' the best.

    GG you deserve it.....

  11. .
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes, GG!
    And remember, 'Auld Lang Syne' sees the old year out, not the new year in.
    Enjoy your Hogmanay; in Dundee, the council doesn't mark it in any way - not even a rocket from the roof of the Caird Hall...
    So, I'll be entertaining the troops at Letham Grange (a few tickets still available...)


  12. Have a dark blue christmas G.

    Mike G.

  13. Is it oor turn or Wullies????? :) Anyway have a great Christmas & New Year Retro, cheers for the year, it's nearly gone.

  14. that is me up from England, have a good one retro dundee, very happy new year

  15. That's a few years now, Retro Dundee should feature here soon on Retro Dundee. Keep up the good work and have a great year.

  16. When are you back???
    Missing my Retro fix!
    Happy New Year.