Thursday, 9 December 2010


An amusing postcard from Greenieland...or is it the North Poly...either way, it's aroond the backies at my old hoose in Craigie, 1973.
The main feature is the snowman my wee brother made which, if you look closely, ended up with a polar bear's head! Pot luck by the way, but quite appropriate.
This was taken from Kemnay Gardens looking over towards Douglas Road. The fir trees are the ones on Douglas Road at the Electricity Sub Station.
Back then, most of the back greens still had an open plan look with "imaginary" borders. These days however, everyone has their own individual space partitioned off and so the area in the picture doesn't bear any resemblance to how it looks now.
You can see at the corner of the house on Douglas Road the old style metal bins we all had - remember the corrugated design with rattly lid!
Why they should have THREE coal bunkers is a bit odd though. Maybe winter that year was quite a severe one and they decided to stockpile their fuel!
Having said that, the son of the family who lived there may have been inspired by the snow because he went on to live in Norway, and the last I heard, still lives there with his own Scandinavian family.


  1. I'd have said the middle bunker was more like a tool store. The spade next to it had probably been used to clear snow.

    Note the old VHF TV aerials on the house in Kemnay. Most people would have already switched to colour.

    Still have one of the old bins for garden storage. There are some in the cemeteries for dumping old flowers, etc. The lids state "No hot ashes"!

  2. Pretty good snowman ! there not as easy as they look to build