Sunday, 12 December 2010


The photo was taken at our house in Kemnay Gardens in December 1973. I'd be 15 at the time so still at Craigie High.
I can at least tell you what was physically on the telly anyway.
The Xmas decoration is a red reindeer with a wicker sleigh filled with baubles. It used to belong to my gran. We still have it in our family to this day, and it gets put out on display each Xmas.
Our groovy fibre-optic light wasn't part of the Xmas decor, it was just one of the everyday house items. It was very modern at the time of course, but now it looks quite kitsch!
We were on our 2nd colour tv by '73 but I haven't got a clue what programme is on in the picture. Wouldn't mind knowing after all these decades. Anybody think they know what it could be?
To help you drag your mind back to that era, underneath the photo is the tv listing for Sunday 16th December 1973. It's from the Sunday Post. You may need to click onto the image to read the larger version.
No 24 hour tv back then, BBC 2 not starting till middle of the afternoon!
There are quite a few of these shows on Youtube. For example you can relive the intro to Elephant Boy...(KALAAAA!!)... or catch Barbara Streisand singing a song from her show.
One programme which would be of interest to many Dundonians that day was Scotsport. This hour & a half edition featured highlights from the Scottish League Cup final - Dundee winning the trophy beating Celtic 1-0.
Not only was I at this game, I now have some footage from that very edition of Scotsport in my own personal collection!


  1. he looks like Ray Miland but could be Robert Conrad with too much make up on in Conspiracy To Kill he is dressed like a D.A. too!
    the bear

  2. Hmm, Conspiracy to Kill is listed for STV, but wouldn't the set have been receiving Grampian? As I recall, you could only get STV in the west end of the city.

    OTOH, that's not Napoleon Solo.

    Can't quite make out which tuner button is pressed.

  3. looks a bit like william holden too,, but the colours are bright in the way american shows of that era were.Those steely blue eyes made me think patrick Duffy in Man from atlantis, but too early.
    lesley g.

  4. It would be a gigantic fluke if the photo was taken on the same day as the tv listing.
    I wouldn't bet on it.
    Best not to attempt matching what is on the tv schedule to what's on screen.
    All I know is the picture was taken around xmas time in 73, which means 2 or 3 weeks worth of telly to choose from!
    I don't think it is #2 badged Napoleon Solo.
    I got the U.N.C.L.E suitcase for xmas one year in the 60's, so that makes me an expert on the subject!

  5. Make that the #11 badge.
    God, only two to choose from and my memory still let me down!!

  6. ...and people go on about this being the golden age of telly!

  7. ray liotta? I meant.but with ray milands hair. giant fluke what kind of guessing game are you running here GG
    the bear

  8. I know it's not Roger Moore in the picture, but perhaps it could be an episode of The Saint, or some other ITC show of that era... Looks like their kind of airport type set up. Check out ITV4 during the daytime. Lots of ITC shows on then to compare.

  9. We couldn't afford a posh fibre optic lamp like yours. We just stuck a torch up a hedgehog instead

  10. There was actually an expensive version of the lamp. It had a full umbrella-like canopy of optic fibres which changed colours. Too flashy for the likes of us, we just had the economy class design!

  11. We had a real tinky one bought from the Barras in Glasgow. Lasted about a week.