Sunday, 5 December 2010


3 local ads from the 70's.
Top one is dated 1973 and is for Drydens, the frozen food specialists. They were located in Allan Street at the time, which now no longer exists, it being the A991 these days, connecting Seagate to Dock Street where Allan St used to be.
In the middle is an advert for the Post Office from 1979, telling you all about how they can put a package deal together for your business requirements. Expresspost - Direct Bag Service - Datapost and so on.
And so what can I say about the final ad in their defence?
Well it's dated 1978 and this was still the era of non PC jokes, Carry On films & Benny Hill, so I suppose it reflects the times!
Harrison & Reeve down in East Dock Street was a wholesale fruit market - veg, flowers and fruit - juicy pears and ripe melons a speciality it seems!


  1. Allan Street being the site for the new Dundee Leisure Centre. Think it's basically the car park behind the Shell Garage on Trades Lane? I do remember the old fruit market, used to go there with my grandad to but produce for his shop. It's an auto electricians now

  2. brilliant veg ad, I'll be getting a marrow and a couple of brussel sprouts too!

    1. Couple of beetroots, and a nice firm butternut squash for me.

  3. ding-dong

    *strokes tasher*