Sunday, 19 December 2010


Last year I put an item up on Retro about the time I got involved in the national "Plant A Tree In 73" campaign at Craigie High.
Well here's another tree from 1973, our family Christmas one.
It was a bit on the puny side compared to today's standards, but at least my brother managed to make it look brighter than it was with the aid of lens filters on his camera. You may recall we had power cuts in winter 73 during a period of industrial disputes, so there may have been a bit of topicality behind the reason for the photo in the first place.
Our corny wallpaper seems to be rather Christmassy too, with what looks like baubles incorporated into the design. Never noticed that back then mind you!
So what did I get for Xmas that year? Well I can't recall with precision accuracy but being 15 I was too old for toys, so it would have been mostly made up of clothes, albums, art materials, books and if all went well, a couple of selection boxes!


  1. man, that wallpaper is intense, we had similar stuff in west kirkton, oor carpet was multicoloured, lemon, crimson, black duck egg blue, and had abstract swan designs beswirled within it, oor chairs n 2 piece sofa were cintique, wood feamed wi scratchy scruffly sair on the neck n pus cushions, i could worm around on the floor, traversing the room under the seats, stopping to fert horribly under the seat of unfavoured guests, auld granny et al

  2. 'A period of industrial disputes' is an understatement Retro (unlike your wallpaper!). The Arab oil crisis was raging, Ted Heath had just declared the three-day week for the second time, and the miners were getting ready to topple him from office a couple of months later. And Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everybody' was blasting out everywhere, so some things never change!