Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The Thomson-Leng Amateur Musical Society staged "The Wizard Of Oz" panto in 1966.
Not many amateur societies had attempted to do the Wizard Of Oz on stage back then but Dundee's lot made a big effort for their production at the College Of Education. A total of 7 set changes took place during the 3 hour show, much to the enjoyment of the public and critics.
In the photos, starting at the top, we have the Tin Man, James Graham, being squeezed into his metallic attire by Innes Dalgety.
Next are Mary Ralston & Irene Dand in the good witch - wicked witch costumes.
The middle image is Roger Buist being made up as the Scarecrow, with a little help from David Henderson & Jean Baillie.
Not sure which part the next 4 lassies played - Munchkins? Anyway they are - Sandra Bruce, Noeleen Hogg, Vivien Wood & Janet Ferguson.
Finally, a selection of the cast in full costume making quite a kaleidoscopic eyeful on stage!
By the way, I have all the names of those in the final shot, so if anyone thinks they may recognise someone, point them out and I'll let you know.

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