Monday, 6 December 2010


At least there's nae messin' with their name - BOOZE.
May not be subtle but they must have been doing good business as they had 2 places in 1987, one in Perth Road and one in Blackness Road.
Here they are trying to entice you with a rather nice case of wine, to get you to put in an order for Christmas!


  1. it was a kind of classy offie, where the Spar is now (?) it was also Pandorras Box many years ago (70's gifts, lots of pot pouri). I do remember them selling large plastic jugs of scrumpy, they decanted from a large barrel.

  2. Was that Count de Beers? If it was, I remember, as a student at DoJCA, me and a pal taking milk bottles there and getting a pint of sherry on draft!!!

  3. this was after Roddy [and his well publicised humiliation] left Count de Beers and sold it on, it was never quite the same alas, although I think Jill ,Eddie Lange the artists wife still worked there, I think she was an artist also but to my ken hasnt done any Old Wellgate paintings of note! I also went in for the quarts of scrumpy and the wicked Santa 'Claus "the strongest beer in the world" at that time, and dangerously expensive on a GIRO, made a change fae Special Brew at xmas.
    the bear