Friday, 10 December 2010


Don't know much about this Christmas Crackers publication, the issue here which cropped up in the early 80's, being the only example I have.
The content isn't the usual youth fanzine subject matter - no music, no theatre, no fashion, no cinema, instead it takes a dip into local politics using a mixture of satirical humour and seedy tabloid style tittle tattle. Dundee Council type personalities get the boot put into them, eg Gowans, Fagan, Bowman, Wilson, just some of the charming characters who get a mention.
They touch on topics like Nablus and Thatcher, the topical talk at the time.
Not very Christmassy come to think of it!
The team who put it together were - Archie Smibert, Tommy Dees, Dan Dare and Nick Duncan.
One of the quirkier items in this particular issue was a parody episode of Oor Wullie.
The wee man runs out of dosh and so decides to open a sex shop to try get a bit of cash for himself. Not all goes to plan however- but it is quite funny!
You'll need to click onto the image to read the large version.
Perhaps Oor Poly, Craig, may be able to give us the lowdown on the rag, he being who supplied this one.


  1. Crivvens, Jings and Help ma Boab! I bet DC Thomson were in a right stushie when they found out about this.

  2. In case you're all wondering what happened to Santa's "naughty bits" on the Crackers cover, no it wasn't the cold weather that shrivelled them in mid flash, they were in fact replaced with a free balloon!