Monday, 27 June 2011


I've heard of all-in wrestling before but here's an example of all out wrestling!
Not got any info on this photo at all but a couple of guesses has me thinking it may be Baxter Park in the early 70's. Baxter's used to put on events like this during the summer weeks, and I've gone for the 72/73 period based on a boy in the crowd wearing what could be the Dundee FC "penguin" strip (near the bottom left corner standing to the right of the girl with the patterned coat). Also, the car in the background could be an early 70's Vauxhall Viva.
I'm not 100% certain on any of these statements, but that's the best I could come up with using what possible clues there are available in the picture.
The other obvious alternative is Camperdown Park.
If you fancy a stab at it, drop it in the comments.


  1. Looks like Camperdown Park going by the shop in the background, isnt that the one that sits on the main road in, close to the tennis courts.

  2. I'd agree with that, definitely on the grass in front of Camperdown House, that looks like the old snack hut/ice cream shop that's now knocked down I think.

  3. Yes its Campie , i agree, Didn't know Robbie Fowler could wrestle though :=)

  4. Jolly good.
    We'll settle for Camperdoon then.

  5. Some of those youngsters in the foreground look like they'd be au fait with non-Queensberry rules fisticuffs!

  6. I would say Camperdown Park, I don't remember seeing any wrestling there, but I do remember the ring being Loving this blog.