Monday, 26 July 2010


Here's a view from Craigie High School, taken on 19th May 1982.
It was taken by Neale Elder, just shortly before leaving CHS.
However, he can't recall now whether it was taken at the Met Station or from the window of Mrs Meakin's English class. Either way, you can tell it's from 3 decades ago by the Caledon shipyard cranes and Carolina Port chimney stacks in the background.
Not that much of a difference though with the school ground and nearby area, apart from the trees being bigger now.
I have a hazy memory of using this small athletics area only once, one summer period. A bit of hop, skip & jump and some shot-put! In the main though, all our PE stuff was done around the other grassy areas.
I also remember painting a view almost the same as this image when one day we were allowed on the roof for art.


  1. 5 Cranes and that damn power station again!

  2. Don't worry, the turbines and biomass plant will be along soon!

  3. "5 Cranes and that damn power station again!"
    I used to live in Carolina House, and I used to say that when I looked out the window in the morning.
    I have just visited Dundee for the first time in 23 years , and visited all my old haunts.

  4. Neal - Traditionally it's never been that nice a view from Kenilworth area towards the Tay. What with Briggs Refinery and Caledon AND that pesky Power Station back in the day!

    Willy - Did you have a good time on your trip back to Dundee? Did you think the City has changed in a big way?

  5. I noticed quite a few changes, but quite a lot of what I remembered and liked were still there.
    I visited a few old favourites like,The Deep Sea,the Tay Whale,Broughty Ferry,Discovery,
    Unicorn,Carolina House,Baxter Park,Glebelands school etc.
    Most of all,it was good to hear the Dundee accent again.
    "EH,WE HAE PEHS" said the waitress in the Deep Sea.

  6. BTW... definitely Miss Meakins room!

  7. The Historian mentions Kenilworth (Avenue) and Miss Meakin lived there.

    Don't know if the lady is still with us, but she was a good teacher of the 'old school'. Knowing me to be interested in our city's history, she always promised to leave me her 1942-43 copy of the 'Dundee Directory' in her will!

    Miss, if you're still out there, I haven't forgotten!

  8. Unfortunately miss Meakin passed away 4/5 years ago.She was great teacher along with Mrs Deans.Miss M gave me great support when I fell out with Scotty and his very 'umble unctuous sidekick Mottieshaw.