Thursday, 29 July 2010


Although this photo of Balerno Primary School was taken in the 80's, it looks exactly the same in the picture as it did when I was there in the 60's.
The headmaster in the 60's was Mr Elrick, and the jannie was Mr Bowman.
One thing I can remember about Mr Bowman was when I was helping him out delivering the milk around the classrooms one day in 1968. When I was picking up the milk bottles outside his jannie's room, he had the radio on, and a newsflash came on about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. He told me to go tell all the teachers. So when I went around all the classes with the milk, I also had to deliver this gloomy news!
I can't recall where I was when the famous JFK assassination took place, but I always remember his brother's!
The school was demolished in the 90's and now has housing built on the site.
If you want to zoom into a bit of detail, click on the image to enlarge.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. I wonder if this Mr Elrick is the same one who was headmaster of the Gleebie around 1973?
    I visited my old school a couple of weeks ago, when I returned to Dundee for the first time since the 80s.
    I even got a peek inside by a couple of friendly workmen.

  2. Yes it was the same Alexander Elrick. He left Balerno in the early 70's to make way for Mr Spence.
    Amazed to know the Gleebie is still there!

  3. I was at Balerno and Craigie High the same time period as yourself. I wonder if we were in the same year or even the same class. I remember Mr Bowman very well.....

  4. Hi I was also at balerno 1975-1981 does anyone have any class photos they could post. Teachers Miss Cathro-Mrs Mazuumda-Mr Leith-Mrs Dow.Mr Marnie Head Teacher, Mr Bowman Janny.

  5. I'm not interested in those formal/posed class photos, so won't be posting any on Retro.
    However, if anybody has anything more interesting featuring pupils of any Dundee school, feel free to send them to me. GG

  6. There is a Former students of Balerno Primary School, Dundee on Facebook if anyone is intrested