Sunday, 25 July 2010


This would have been near the end of the lollipop man's stint on Arbroath Road because the photo was taken in November 1972, the same month Craigie High School's subway opened along at Monymusk Road, doing him out of a job!
I don't have the lollipop man's name, but the pupil 2nd from left is Pete Baruffati. The last time I spoke to him was in the early 80's when I bumped into him in the Murraygate. He was telling me then that he was with, or ran, an Advertising Agency and had been working on an ad with Russ Abbot at the time.
He was also a pretty hot table tennis player, I recall from my CHS days!
The 3 pupils on the right of the picture I recognise but can't remember their names. Sorry guys! I know I'm gonna kick myself if someone passes the info on in the comments.
I've no idea who the the other 2 chaps either side of Pete are.
Just a reminder, I put a picture of the brand new subway, taken around the same time, up on Retro and can be found in the October 2009 archives.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. The kid with glassed next to Peter Barufatti looks familiar - I think his name may be Bruce, don't recall his surname. He used to pal with a kid called Dave Potts.

    I met Peter Barufatti in the early 90s in a pub in the ferry. Didn't chat for too long but he did say he was working in advertising.

  2. The other lollipop man, on Strips of Craigie at Brington Road, used to take it upon himself to direct traffic at the junction, causing utter confusion.

    Nice use of the school colours in the text, by the way!

  3. Just wondering if the guy on the far left, running away in his duffle, might be Toots?

  4. I'm sure the guy far right is Ralph 'something' and next to him is Pat Coleman

  5. oh, and the lad next to Pete looks like Kenny Cassidy?

  6. Mr. Kenneth Lees seems to be correct, although I believe the chap far right is Adam Duncan, and the second from the right is more likely to be Chris Davie as the facial features and head shape - well, it ain't Mr. Coleman. (Last heard of teaching Maths and/or Physics in Brighton and playing chess for England.) The third guy from the right may be Kenneth Christie.