Thursday, 22 July 2010


You may recall I put a piece up on Retro in Feb this year about Pete Horobin's "DATA" project, so I won't bother repeating his background details, you could check that out yourself if you need a reminder.
I do have more of his graphics though.
The top image is a postcard designed by Pete and was published in 1978. Called "One In A Million" - it's kind of romantic, but without being soppy!
He kept the black, white & dab of red look going well into his DATA project with this second item underneath, a couple of pages taken from the 1983 Dundee book - "View From Urban Dwellings - 2".
If you look to the bottom right of the hand, you'll see what appears to be, another heart (or 2) too!

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  1. I have the original 'One in a Million' pc and if my memory serves me well, also came up with the title?