Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This event called the Peoples Festival Of Music took place at Baxter Park on 29th July 1981.
It consisted of stalls selling various knick-knacks alongside those who were selling politics - CND, Anarchists, Friends Of The Earth and so on.
There was also a kiddies farm, and of course there was the main music festival itself.
I haven't got the full band list as to who played that day but Dundee rockers, No Fixed Abode were on, as were a couple of punk bands, with Perth's ska outfit, the RB's, top of the bill.
The main complaint in Sid Gripple's report at the top, published in Cranked Up, was the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd.
Sid also suggests the smaller than expected turnout may have been down to the fact that the Royal wedding was being televised the same day!
Well whatever was causing the apathy, all I know is I wasn't at Baxter Park that day, neither was I at home watching any Royal nonsense because I was actually in the middle of a tour of Spain & Portugal with my Inter Rail card, and on the 29th July 81, I was in Lisbon.
I probably would have popped along to Baxters though if I was in Dundee.
So to read about Sid's account of the festival, click onto the image to enlarge it.
Ditto, if you want to have a nose around the photograph of the festival crowd to see if you recognise anyone.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. Was at this event and I'm sure it was billed as "Stuff the Royal Wedding"
    Strange thing I can't remember a single thing about it.
    Any more Photies?

    Major Dude

  2. I was also at the gig. Wasn't it marred by fighting between various gangs? Maybe not.

  3. Is this the one where the singer from Plastic Surgery (or someone similar) was dancing and kicked his leg and his shoe came flying off to reveal a hibs football sock underneath? The flat tops then caught the shoe and proceeded to pass it around in an american football kind of way.

  4. I was at this with a few mates from the hulltoon. There was no fighting or any other gangs there. The RB's were quite decent.

  5. To early for plastic surgery , sure the gig you are thinking of was 1986 when they did play , with AAGA and others, have the poster for this gig somewhere! I remember moving drums for plastic surgery in my car, maybe wrong with dates here !!

  6. Severed Arm and Revolt were on the bill that day. I remember Scott Preston came on stage wearing a straight jacket and promptly fell over as he bounded on stage doing his best Johnny Rotten impression. Credit to him, he writhed around the floor and made it look like part of the stage act!

  7. Scott Preston R.I.P

  8. What happened to Scott?

  9. He died a good two or three years ago now. Maybe a heart attack?

  10. I'm pretty sure I was at this and managed to take a number of "back-stage" pics .... no idea where they are at the moment but if I can find them I'll get them to you

  11. Were the pubs not open all day for the royal waddin? I have a vague memory of spending a very enjoyable day at the Ladywell Tavern - the festivities were on the telly, but nobody was that bothered.

  12. Severed arm did not play this gig. They did play a year earlier as "White Light" though. Will post the pics soon.