Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Stump came out with a strange kind of hybrid music that ended up sounding something like Captain Beefheart playing Hillbilly. Add to that, their quirky amusing lyrics and the whole bizarre mix seemed to work a treat. I still have their debut album in fact.
I've never seen them play live mind you, but on the 7th Feb 1988, the band were doing their thing at Fat Sams. Something seems to have gone horribly wrong with the gig however, as the write-up doesn't exactly give them glowing accolades. On the contrary, the review leaves a very dim view of the evening's event. Even main man, Mick Lynch, wearing a Bash Street Kids t-shirt didn't liven up the Dundee response! EEK!!
As if that wasn't bad enough, support act, Nyah Fearties, came off even worse than Stump getting a giant thumbs down for their efforts! YIKES!!
Oh well, you can't win them all!
Anyway, with a name like Stump, maybe they'd have been better playing at Club Feet!


  1. Don't who reviewed this gig but I was there and remember Stump being really good , the guitar player and bass player were amazing , so were the Nyah Fearties , maybe the reviewer spent 5 mins watching then left as I have seen many do.

    mike kane

  2. I bought their "Quirk Out " e.p. for the classic "buffalo" track which was much played by John Peel during the late eighties. Didn`t realise they played in Dundee during this period, and am annoyed at missing them now!

  3. It was Pete Hood who did this review for Street Life mag.
    Their bass player reminds me of ace jazz bassist, Percy Jones!

  4. AHH ! Pete Hood , that explains the review , Pete is a more standard "rock" fan if I remember, so the weirdness of Stump and madness of Nyah Fearties would probably irritated /confused / annoyed him , but , everyone entitled to an opinion !
    would be a bit like me reviewing "del amitri" or another shit band like that , probably a good gig but i would slate it cos its not my taste!
    was pete's band "runaway trains" or something like that ?
    Percy jones ! was he not the genius bass player on Snatch/eno single R.A.F ? great bass line.


  5. That is indeed the same Percy Jones on the Snatch record, the bass brainbox that he is!!

  6. Nyah Fearties banjo player was a painter at Duncan of Jordanstone during that time. Donald?