Wednesday, 28 July 2010


From the "What's On" page of the Courier, here's an ad for a do at the Chalet in Broughty Ferry for the Grove FP Hockey Club.
The dance, held on 11th April 1970, featured the resident band and a group called The Three Of Clubs.
7 bob to get in.
If anyone recalls the night or remembers anything about the bands, feel free to pass on the info.
In 1970, there were still some secondary schools in Dundee offering a 3 year course, but Grove Academy had 3,4,5 & 6 year courses to choose from.
And staying in 1970, the Grove's head teacher back then was Gilbert Ritchie, and the jannie was Mr Delaney.


  1. Was at The Chalet one night 1971 having progressed from the JM and was amazed/ horrifiedto see a real band with trumpets and penguin suits

  2. The resident band in the Chalet before it became the Sands was, for a time, Ray Crosby and his Hawaiian band. Ray (Jim) Crosby was my brother in law.
    There was also a Sunday night talent show with local singers and musicians.