Saturday, 24 July 2010


Finishing off the recent Dundee art theme on Retro, here's 3 cartoons taken from the same issue of the Courier dated 11th April 1970.
Lullubelle - The Neighbours - Billy and Bunny.
I can't find any images on the net of any of the 3 of these, so they seem to be long forgotten cartoons, which is strange because they actually all ran as a series, each one cropping up in the Courier every Saturday.
I'd only be 12 in 1970 but remember glancing them on my way to the football pages!
I doubt if any of these 3 made it beyond the 70's though.


  1. Don't know about Lullubelle, but Billy and Bunny were still showing up in 1983 and the Neighbours as late as 1986.

    And if Wikipedia is to be believed, 'Billy and Bunny' dates back to 1922! How was the idea of Boy meets Giant Rabbit first introduced to a wondering public?

  2. What a blast from the past! I had totally forgotten about all three but once I saw them it was if I had seen them in Friday's Courier!

  3. Lullubelle featured in a scandal once. She was lying face down on a beach obviously naked beside her pal who was more modestly attired in a bikini. The caption underneath read " No I'm not going into the water until my bathing costume gets dry" Remember she was supposed to be a "dizzy blonde". This cartoon ran in the early edition of the Courier until someone in management realised that they were in danger of offending the readers with the view of a bare bum (albeit a cartoon one).A printer was summoned to chisel out the offending parts and so in later editions, there was the sight of a torso lying on the beach (which of course had the effect of drawing even more attention) and one of the tabloids duly printed both versions of the before and after Lullubelle.