Sunday, 11 July 2010


The latest music theme, which has been running on Retro for the past 3 weeks, comes to an end today, so I thought I'd bring it to a halt the same way the Cranked Up disco ended their stints, by finishing with a Dean & Dawn track.
The song below called "The Bold Discovery", retains the same standards as the previous 2 tracks of theirs I posted, so expect more dodgy harmonising, more duff notes, and as for the lyrics, well I reckon they may have just been jotted down after reading about the Discovery from a leaflet they picked up at the Tourist Info office!
The melody is "Greensleeves", a tune taught in Primary schools and most kids could play blindfold, but good old D&D still manage to fuck it up!!
Anyway, that's all the musical treats for now.
Still got plenty more goodies to dip into for a few more sessions later though!
Thanks to the Bear.



  1. I guess this one has only just surfaced from its use in the Cold War as a potential WMD?

  2. Is there a DJ out there who could create a mashup out of this and the Altres track in the previous post?

  3. I thought D&D were meant to be a professional outfit who had regular bookings around Dundee. This is truly awful. Completely embarrassing. Didn't they also do a Dundee United song years ago. How apt.

  4. This was dire.They can't even seem to agree to start at the same time.Pity they are not around today - they would be a cert to win X Factor or any of the other drossy so called "talent" shows.

  5. Too right, that is painful to listen to.

    True, the price of recording technology back in the 70s/80s meant that it was probably out of most people's reach, but even then (assuming you were a good enough musician) a basic 4-track recording could sound pretty decent. This sounds like it's been recorded in one take on a standard tape recorder using its built-in mic. My guess is that they were aiming at the elderly blue rinse brigade, who liked the tunes, but were too deaf to notice the singing...

    And, while I despise X Factor/BGT and the like, I'm pretty sure they'd be laughed out in the early auditions.

  6. You can only get a 'mouser like that in Fintry ;-)

    Still can ...

  7. I think Dean and Dawn probably fit Vex's mantra, "to annoy, to irritate".....

  8. D& D were Dundee's International TV and Radio recording artistes

  9. they do fit the Vex mantra !! how fucking annoying , but to give them credit they went on to influence the Moldy Peaches !


  10. Hey, hey, swinging times in Dundee. They look real hip cats.

  11. Dean and Dawn now both dead. Recordings I believe were made in Bathroom