Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The Seagate Gallery & Printmakers Workshop opened early/mid 80's.
I remember visiting the very first exhibition they put on, which included work by David Mach. They also used to put on shows regularly by local amateur artists.
I managed to snap a couple of photos (above) at an exhibition there in the late 80's. The pieces are by Francisco Cabral, an artist from Trinidad.


  1. Remember it well. They used to have some great exhibitions. There was an opening night when Gerry Mitchell's band played it was really weird. He was a local artist/musician.They began to play what I would call free form jazz at a furious pace and really load. I became entranced, almost like the music was talking to me directly about the nature of the cosmos. I remeber this especially due to the ending of the experience which was a sudden end of the music like all the musicians involved were one too, and I felt shocked to be in the gallery. That feeling has always made me wonder what the purpose of music is about.


  2. I am told by Willie Clark that the "throne" is by a Brazilian artist, Francisco Cabrelli [?] c.1998

  3. Thanks for the info Jane.
    However, after double checking, I found out you were wrong on 3 aspects - his country of origin, his surname and the date!
    I have since adjusted the caption accordingly with the accurate info.
    Cheers GG