Friday, 17 October 2008


Smart, but casual..!!


  1. What a fantastic picture!

    Being a kid in the 1980s, and despite its collection of nifty shops (Tandy, Inter Sports, to name a few, and John Menzies just across the road...although I do remember unsuccessfully trying not to get dragged into Bojangles/BHS/Mothercare by my mum) I have vivid memories of the Wellgate Centre being a somewhat dark building inside. The reason? As the photo probably indicates, this was due to the low ceiling and the sprinkling of tiny orange lightbulbs! What was it with the brown and orange colour scheme?

    I'm pretty sure that, at Christmas time, different colours of bulbs were put in to brighten the place up.

    I actually nipped into the Wellgate for the first time in ages recently. It's like walking into a spaceship now - big ceilings, glass features, much more "bright" than I remember - really disappointing. Plus, they've closed off the infamous sicky-yellow ramps that used to run between each level - I find it really depressing that today's kids won't be able to race their little brothers to the bottom! Thankfully, the infamous clock next to the library is still there and, hopefully, Santa's Grotto will make an appearance below it within the next couple of weeks.

  2. I agree completely with the man above this. I actually forgot all about the ramps until just there when I read that. Also, there was a heavy metallic green colour scheme, if I remember correctly. Also, the fountain is gone and I'm not certain that the clock's still there now. If there is a way at all, could you please post up some pictures of the Wellgate from the early 90's. I keep getting images of the place in my head that I had completely forgotten about for years, until very recently. It would mean a great deal to me. I've scanned all across Google to find something but, it was hopeless. Thanks xx