Sunday, 12 October 2008


32 years ago today, Dundee had the choice of contrasting entertainment this particular evening, and just a few steps away from each other.
On one corner of Marketgait, The Sex Pistols were trying to grab the limelight whilst having bottles thrown at them from the crowd.
On the other corner of Marketgait, Frankie Vaughan was given the moonlight and had gals throw themselves at him.
Despite the obvious conflict of music styles on offer, they did cross paths at one point.
Pistol, Glen Matlock, has documented the time when The Sex Pistols booked into their Dundee hotel, and corny crooner, Frankie, was in the same dining room as the punks at breakfast time.
There's also a local story has it that Johnny Rotten and co were seen trying to get into the Frankie Vaughan gig that very evening, but needless to say, never got passed the door!
The Sex Pistols gig took place at the Tech College Students Union (aka the Bowling Alley), and the Frankie Vaughan gig was at the Barracuda nightclub.
The ad at the top showing the Sex Pistols gig was published in NME, however, this was the wrong date - the one here being for Wednesday 22 September 1976.
That factual date of the gig was Tuesday 12 October 1976.
There was no advert in the local press for the Pistols event on the night, but Frankie's show was advertised locally on 12 October 1976, and as you can see on the ad, he was doing cabaret for a few nights there.

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