Sunday, 26 October 2008


There were 3 "Theatre Royal's" in Dundee.
The first 2 being 19th century affairs in the main, means they won't get a mention on Retro.
The 3rd one being active in the 60's, means it will get a mention.
The building itself (located in the Nethergate) was originally called the People's Palace and had gone through quite a few changes over the decades. However, in 1965, Scottish entertainer, Calum Kennedy, was the new owner and it was he who gave it the Theatre Royal name.
It was rather short-lived under this name mind you, the theatre closing down in 1968. Then in 1977 the building was destroyed by fire and so was eventually demolished.
The ad above was published in the local press in April 1966 and on that occasion, crooner, Frankie Vaughan, was the entertainment on offer.

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