Friday, 3 October 2008


The location of The Barracuda in the Marketgait was probably the most well known and most visited disco spot in Dundee.
Previously called the J.M, it was transformed into the Barracuda in the mid 70's with a new look design that was extremely eye catching.
Both the outside & inside were "sculpted" to resemble an exotic cave.
There were alcoves, recesses, cubbyholes and bay areas all over the place, not to mention lots of stalactites too!
There was also an upstairs balcony area with a desert island shack.
Just in case you still weren't aware of this tropical sea world theme going on, to remind you, it also had aquariums containing piranha's!
After 10 years or so, it then changed again to become known as the Coconut Grove.
For a glimpse of the Barracuda interior, have a wee nosey at the slideshow below.

Photos by DC Thomson.Tints by GG.

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