Friday, 12 September 2008


Sunday nights were the best nights to pop along to Broughty Ferry hotspot "The Sands" in the late 70's & early 80's musically speaking, because their choice of sounds on Sundays were of a more specialist variety.
So being black based music in the main meant there was a lot of serious funk going down, plenty of hot soul imports spinning and a fair amount of Northern Soul belted out too. They did drop a dollop of chart pop stuff along the way but it was in much smaller portions than you'd get on Fridays & Saturdays.
The atmosphere was better on Sundays too which made it a great way to finish off a weekend's clubbing.
As well as DJ's blasting out the latest dancefloor goodies, The Sands also hosted jazz events on Sunday afternoons and anyone wanting to jam alongside Dundee's top jazz musician, Jimmy Deuchar, were welcome to.
The photos above show The Sands in 2 different phases - the first 2 are its late 70's look with a circular dancefloor - the other 2 are from the early 80's when they extended the dancefloor out to the seating areas and added more lights around the joint.
Combining both the dancefloor and jazz elements of The Sands, below is a track I always associate with my Sunday's spent there. Its a great jazz-funk groove that dates back to 1980 - and I still have my original 12 inch copy of it too!

Photos by DC Thomson.


  1. Spent many a night of misspent youth in here (or laid out on the beach ootside)- formely "the chalet" in my mums day- I started going here around the mid to late 70's and was still there on a sunday nite up till the end of the 80's- now theres patronage for you.

  2. It's amazing how good it looks. You'd pay a fortune to get in a club like that in London nowadays.

  3. Sunday nights at The Sands were fab! Y'know, every time I hear "Hands Up" by Ottowan I think of The Sands.

  4. I played a quick set at The Sands with a fellow student in 1977 on one of their 'open-stage' days..I remember thinking the interior was magic!..the very nice chap who ran the place was called Jimmy Deuchar (I think!) & was very encouraging to us two young jazz guitarists...smashing place!