Friday, 5 September 2008


Opened in the late 70's, the Crypt was a fashion boutique run by Billy Mackenzie.
As its name suggests, the shop had a dungeon-like theme which was evident on the inside as well as the outside decor.
There were coffin shaped changing rooms & dead animals indoors (stuffed, of course), with a wrought iron portcullis on the doorway & window outdoors.
The gear was a mix of classy retro clothing and modern designer garments.
The shop then changed to "Plan 2" in the early 80's when Billy's brother took over.
Below is a short film clip of the shop doorway with Billy saying a wee word about it.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. What a fabulous shop this was - I still miss it :(

  2. Billy was singin with us in the alternators at the time and he asked me to paint a french lady in fishnets and a tattooed sailor on the mirrors of the shop and he also had my automated cardboard cut out from Stan & Deliver
    What a gas! those were the days