Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Some of the albums in the window of this shot of The Other Record Shop, taken in 1984 are - Roger Waters, Psychedelic Furs, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Human League and Echo & the Bunnymen.
The shop also sold concert tickets. There is a poster advertising Bob Dylan tickets on the window, although that was for a gig out of town as Dylan has never played in Dundee.
They also had a variety of rock t-shirts on sale.

Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. Best purchase here was "Looking for Lewis and Clark" by the Long Ryders. To my eternal shame and embarrassment I walked in and asked for "looking for Morris and Clyde by The Lone Rangers". Mortified!

  2. I started working in the other record shop in 1983. My first job was to look after the CDs (which consisted of 2 spinners in the middle of the shop floor). They were considered so insignificant as to be not worth the attention of the other more experienced staff. I remember when Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax' was released I had just come back from London and had seen the infamous Kathrine Hamnett t-shirts. I described them to my boss and we immediately nipped along to tayprint and got them to make up copies and flogged hundreds of them before we got told to stop or we would get into serious trouble. I ended up working in music retail for the next 25 years and many of the people I worked with in those early years remain good friends.

  3. picked up my copy of ultramagnetic mcs travelling at the speed of thought from here (still got it)- great wee shop, was gutted when it shut.

  4. This was the place to pick up hard to get T-Shirts. Most of my Sigue Sigue Sputnik shirts came from this very place.

  5. I travelled up from the Stirling shop to work in the Dundee shop from it's opening. I remember Keith and spoke to him a few times in Virgin in Glasgow a few times later. I loved the job but was a young laddie and was too frightened to move from Stirling to a huge place like Dundee so wrapped it after a few months. They didn't pay enough anyway. My first memory of the shop was 2 guys bringing in their big dugs and letting them fight in the shop. Best memory was a really nice blonde girl who came in and ordered Billy Bragg's 1st album.Too feart to ask her out. Once a coward always a coward.