Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I remember playing this kids party game in the 60's.
The game itself goes way back to around the 16th century, originating in North East England. Over time, the game has been passed on around Europe where there are many variations of it. The tune and words differ, not only from town to town but probably from street to street.
The version we played was as follows - the gathering would sit in a circle, and if it was a girl who started the game off, she would carry a cushion around inside the circle and we would all sing "Hey bonnie lassie will ye lay the cushion doon" over & over until she chose a boy to place the cushion at, they would then both kneel on the cushion, kiss, and then it would be the boys turn to carry the cushion around where we would change the song to "Hey bonnie laddie". This went on until everybody had a shot at it.
The wee karaoke below has the tune we used.
In case you're wondering, the photo above was taken at my wee brothers party in the early 70's, although I'm not sure if this is before or after the kissing game!

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