Monday, 18 July 2011


I don't have the exact year this scene was captured but this is what the view down Logie Street was like around the late 60s-early 70s, a lot of which has since disappeared.
The car in shot is a Ford Escort which were introduced in 1968 so the picture wouldn't be any earlier than that.
The Astoria Theatre can be seen in the middle of the photo but it's difficult to make out if it is still open for business or closed down. According to the Tele supplement I posted up 2 days ago, the Astoria shut its doors in 1971.
Ach well, at least the Logie Bar is still in the same spot today, so that's something that hasn't changed!
Photo from Gordon C.


  1. Interesting - whoever took this was an early bird. The buildings in the distance faced more or less due north, so for the sun to be in that position the picture must have been taken very early on a summer's morning.

    I remember the Astoria was still standing up to 1980 or '81. Passing it, I used to be fascinated by the derelict frontage and faded lettering, and imagined a spooky interior still full of rows and rows of seats.

  2. If anyone out there is into Breweriana, there is a Carlsberg ad on the billboard that may help date the photo.

  3. when I was working for Charlie Gray on the Nethergate centre car park all the concrete 'pans' when finished with were stored in the Astoria, all the seats were removed and the fibreglass monstosities were stacked on the floor and on the stage, I remember having a rake about and finding film reels in cans and posters rolled up in a big wooden holder, unfortunately I wasnt too interested in them and left them there, that would be roughly 1978-9ish

  4. Jim QLD Australia22 July 2011 at 17:10

    I remember that scene quite well. My uncle Jeemie practically lived in The Logie Bar, which some locals called 'The Yogi Bear'. My granny Campbell lived down the road a bit, opposite Cobden Street, for over fifty years, and both my sisters were born in Logie Street.

  5. Steve - Edinburgh31 July 2011 at 04:57

    Good to see the old neighbourhood. My grandparents lived at No. 26 up the stairs immediately above the DPM Dairy – the sun is just catching it in the distance immediately to the right of the Carlsberg billboard. The only thing still standing is the bus stop which was right outside the shop (and I think it may still be in exactly the same spot). One of my earliest memories is of standing at my grandparent’s window watching people on the top deck of the Lochee-bound trams which stopped there.
    Saturday night often saw me, my brother and our cousins packed off to the Astoria while the adults enjoyed a drink in the Logie Bar or, if only the men were going out for a drink, The Steps - same distance away but turn right at the end of the close rather than left.

  6. Pendie and bogies chipper further down but same side

  7. Hi does anyone know a woman well she was 16 in 1974 her name is Mary Morgan Melville. She lived in Ryehill house Cobden Street I believe. Reason? she's my mother and I have been looking for her years but it appears she just vanished.