Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I'll end the recent run of shop ads with how I started it, that is, by displaying another one that uses the pun "just for the record".
Breeks & co have tried many variants of the Groucho Marx image over the years but this one here, dated 1978, is my particular favourite. This graphic was also painted large size on the exterior wall of their shop in Perth Road.
So giving the final word to the man himself, here's a music themed quote of Groucho's I'm rather fond of - "Military justice is to justice what military music is to music".


  1. Loads of badges. They even made them up for you. Got one made with Orgasm Addict on it.

    Every punk single you could imagine. Even the Lurkers.

    Better than Rockpile which always had that smell of incense about it ;-)

  2. http://www.grouchos.co.uk/Dinna-ask.html

    Shaw P. Zoapen

  3. no, stop, there were speccy lads in this shop, they had flared breeks long past the point of no return, judge them

  4. Specs and flares, eh?
    Could be Bootsy Collins fans, he was pretty hot in 1978!

  5. Bought my copy of 'Anarchy in the UK' there for 4 quid many moons ago and that was a lot of dosh in those days for a 45