Tuesday, 5 July 2011


These 3 pictures were all taken along Ann Street in the early 70's.
The top image is the calm before the storm as it was snapped just before the main part of the demolition commenced.
The Heatherbell Bar was still open for business in January 1972 but by 1974 all these shops and tenements had disappeared.
The middle shot is further along the street where you can see an old building being demolished behind the modern block. If you go back to the top photo, it's still standing.
Photo 3 is looking back along Ann Street in the other direction with Ellen Street corner behind the JCB that has just reversed into a shop!
Photos from Gordon C.


  1. Remember watching as the factory on Ann Street as it went up in flames....they had no choice but to demolish it and it was replaced by the locally known 'Adventure Playground'. A few years later that was demolished and the all weather pitch's were put down. 50 a side football in the summer evenings. Ahhhh, great memories.

  2. Excellent photos of my childhood playground - Ann St! Happy memories.

  3. Shed a few tears looking at those photos of Ann Street, is there anyone out there who attended Ann Street School in the 50's and remembers the wee sweetie shop across the road, at playtime we would shout out for the 1d tray to be brought across the road from MRS MOIR or MABEL, oh happy days, incidentally been tracing my family tree and found out my great grandfather lived and died in the wee house above Harry Martin's shop on the Hill

    1. I remember it well. We lived in Wellington Street and I attended Ann Street School from 1955-1962. Happy days right enough. No wonder I have a mouth full of fillings.

    2. I seem to remember in the fifties and early sixties the sweetie shop at the corner of Anne St and Hillbank Rd was owned by a Mr Mcgregor and his wife, they had a huge old bad tempered tom cat that used to wander at will everywhere it pleased, inside the shop. The old man McGreggor was a sour individual that couldn't get us kids out of the shop quick enough after he got your money. I used to live at 167 Alexander St the very last close in the St next to Blaikies Hillbank and Cotton Rd. I still have great memories of those times.

  4. That's my Auntie's shop He just reversed into.(Anne Macbeth) She lived with my Granda directly over The Heatherbell. I've got a couple of good pictures of her old shop which was across the road if you're interested

  5. Hi Jim, if your photos fit the Retro decades then feel free to send copies over to me.
    You'll find the contact address at the top of the page layout.

  6. "They say that nostalgia is not what it used to be"....but, I was born and lived in a tenement on Alexander Street, (next to Jim Carroll's news agent), and went to Ann Street School from about 1958 onwards. I can't remember much about it except it was cold, very cold, but they did teach me the 3R's pretty well, indeed much better than most of my work colleagues who are a third of my age.
    Couldn't afford the penny for the tray of sweeties though!!

  7. I remember Ann Street School very well, my first school, and unfortunately a place of hell thanks to a teacher called William Steel who figured, if you were not into football or a pretty little girl, you were rejected. He was a bully and if he was a teacher today he would be most likely be charged with child maltreatment...