Sunday, 17 July 2011


The Plaza up the Hilltown was not a picture house I went to very often, once or twice in the late 60's/early 70's and that was about it.
In fact it had a rather patchy life after that, with it closing down in 1972, reopening in 1975 for around a year or so and closing down again - then like a lot of cinema buildings it changed over to being a bingo hall in the 80's before eventually closing for good in the 90's, leading ultimately to it's demolition.
This shot of the Plaza building was taken sometime in the 80's.
Photo by The Bear.


  1. Tennants Lager sign ! Was that the entrance to the old Celtic clubbie?

  2. I found a 1960s Coca-Cola fridge here, dumped when the place closed, a real collector's piece.
    Sold it many years later for a hundred quid.

  3. Was never in the place but passed it many a time wandering up to and back downhill from the Windmill.

  4. Mum took us to Plaza almost every week when we were growing up in Dalfield Walk. Either there or to Victoria.

  5. The tennents sign was an off licence. The celtic clubby was up an entry down a bit or maybe up a bit . Cant remember.

  6. There used to be a brilliant second hand book shop on the ground floor. Once the shop units were vacated a window was smashed, left un boarded and then the building mysteriously burnt down. Which is all part of the planning process in Dundee i guess.
    We've lost many an interesting building like that.

  7. the only fire ive heard about was one which happened in the 90's the way i found out about it implied the cinema went on fire what actually happened was that when the cinema was being demolished a pile of wood was being burnt and rubble fell on top of it and the only way the fire brigade could put it out was by pumping water under the rubble which then ran out under the front doors which made most people think the cinema was on fire
    it was demolished from the rear of the cinema forwards and saw the layout of the balconies and projection room when this was being done only regret i didnt have my camera with me to take pics or had gone and bought a one use camera to take photos