Monday, 25 July 2011


The Radiant Health Centre was in the City Arcade in Shore Terrace, and here we have one of their posters from the 60's advertising some of the products they had on offer.
The items promoting healthy living were a combination of therapeutic goods, such as the kind used for rheumatism, pain relief, coughs etc, and the other variety were vitality concoctions such as health foods, diet aids, vitamin pills, bath salts and so on.
They were doing really well with their health-giving sales pitch, and then they went and ruined it by flogging home-brew kits that would leave you with cirrhosis!
I've posted it large size so you can zoom in and have a read.
Just give it a click.
Thanks to Brian Wilson.


  1. My first memory of home brew kits were upstairs in Boots, next to the frying pans and pots maybe ??????? I tried making some myself but could never wait the correct amount of time before sampling some of it. It was always crap, so was any other home brew i tried. Had forgotten about that shop in the arcade but its coming back now> On the floor i'm sure i remember platic barrels, funnels, pipes etc and cardboard boxes of various types of brew.Als think i remember large bottles of malt on the shelves too. Another flashback there , Cheers :)

  2. There are a couple of quirky moments in the poster's wording that amused me - first is for Craig's Vegetable Cough Remover where it says it "slackens phlegm" - just a wee bit too graphic for my liking!
    The second example is a bit contradictory, because in the piece for Quiet Life Tablets it says it "doesn't make you drowsy" but further along it claims it helps "induce sleep" at bedtime!!