Friday, 27 August 2010


Continuing with the adverts in the 1966 Bridge Souvenir Supplement - here's another 2.
I reckon Larg's missed a good opportunity to have a bit of fun with the wording in their caption, and could have related more appropriately with the images of the musical instruments.
They opted to say "The new bridge is another link in our chain of contacts...". To me, that makes them sound like ironmongers!
How about something like "Larg's - in tune with progress". Much better, and I won't charge a fee for that one!
Smith Brothers department store, on Murraygate/Commercial St corner, saw themselves as a city attraction that would get everyone flocking across the bridge to visit them!
They did have the Globe Restaurant I suppose.
Can anyone remember what their Mannequin Parades were like?
You'll need to click onto the Smiths ad to read the large version.

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  1. There was a theory around at the time that the owners of a lot of the big stores in Dundee were very influential in having the bridge come straight into the town in order to get more business.If it was meant to be part of a system for easier flow it would have made more sense to have it say at Stannergate where it could have linked up with the Kingsway and Arbroath Road without the need to jam up the city centre.